uAttend’sTimekeeping Software – Taking Workforce Managementto the Next Level

uAttend’s timekeeeping software is an HR solution consisting of written programs and procedures that help businesses track employee time and attendance in an accurate manner. With the help of this advanced software, small businesses in the UK are able to automate the labour-intensive management of payroll and enhance their efficiency. Not only has this solution helped them in reducing the time spent on time and attendance tracking but is has also has been instrumental in reducing overall operational costs.

Timekeeping SoftwareThe HR Solution You Get

The uAttend workforce management package comprises of two parts, hardware in the shape of automated time clock UK and the time tracking software. While the hardware terminal is used for clocking employees in and out, the software is full of useful features such as alerts for supervisors in cases of employees running late.

UK small businesses have realised through bitter experience that manual methods for managing employee time and attendance are not only time consuming and expensive, they can also be highly inaccurate. Automated HR solutions in contrast are not only capable of providing substantial advantages to small businesses in terms of accuracy, they are also able to justifies and recover their acquisition costs within the first few months of implementation. A few of the top benefits of time and attendance software include prevention of time theft, elimination of unauthorised overtime, and the additional benefit of payroll processing and detailed employee productivity reporting features.

Reasonsfor Increasing Demandat the Workplace

The timekeeeping software from uAttend is fast becoming the solution of choice when it comes to highly effective and affordable workforce management systems. Since these systems are extremely easy to install and use, small businesses are opting for them in big numbers. Small businesses do not need to download or install the software as it is made available to them through cloud computing. uAttend does not require small businesses to enter into any long term contracts or pay hefty licensing fees. Just pay a very affordable price for the system along with easy monthly subscription that is less than £2 per month for each employee.

With uAttend’s time clock UK, small businesses can get a number of clock-in options that include biometric fingerprint and facial recognition, RFID readers, and bar code readers.


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